Cheapest Reseller Web Hosting

Why Every person Needs A Cheap Reseller Hosting Plan


Being a reseller is a great way to make a few extra dollars per month. It is easy to set up your new whm/cpanel account at any web hosting company that offers this type of service. Once you choose your web hosting reseller plan  you can get a new domain for your business or if you already have one use that on the sign up form. Choosing the right domain to run your company with will be important for long term branding . Then choose your plan accordingly to your budget you have . Make sure your web hosting company offers sitebuilders, free domain reseller account  and many other tools you will need to get started.

Once you choose your plan, then you can start using one of the sitebuilders  to get your website set up. Choose a cms like wordpress, joomla, and many others . Then you can set up your own plans , whmcs or any other billing system . Then make sure you get a free domain reseller account to set up to offer your clients a option at checkout for domains. Then once you get your entire system set up you can start some seo, marketing magic to get customers to your website. This will be the hardest part of the entire venture, but once you get the hang of marketing, social presents and ads you will see what works and doesn’t.

The marketing tips i can provide are as follows. I would start with a budget of 250 the first month , then move up to 500, 750 etc and track your conversions . I would do google ads , do not take traffic from them for more then 1.00 a click. It usually takes 75 clicks to get a sale . So be prepared for some cash out before you see anything coming in. Remember its a recurring revenue model your building . Think long term for your business to grow. This is not a get rich quick business. Supporting your customers will bring you more customers over time with your positive reputation spreading around the internet. After choosing to run google adwords, then i would focus on some link building to grow your rankings. I would target keywords like best cheap reseller hosting and keywords related to this.  Remember the more traffic you can produce from any source the greater the chance of your website getting new customers.

I would use yahoo ads next as well , Bing ads as well, forum posting, blog posting, and hire some people off odesk to help build links . Good luck on your new reseller hosting adventure.






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